About Us

Hi there! We are Stephen & Lisha, homeschool parents living in North Carolina. Our oldest is in preschool so we are just starting out on this fun and rewarding adventure! We are both mechanical engineers, but Lisha currently stays at home to raise our children. We are extremely blessed to be redeemed by our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ’s sacrifice on the cross. A gift available for all who believe. “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life through Christ Jesus our Lord.” –Romans 6:23. Our desire is to teach our children all His ways.

Freedom Family Printing was founded when we saw a need for fast, quality, and affordable printing of homeschool curriculums. In planning for our son’s first year of school I (Lisha) purchased 3 different PDF programs. There are so many options, but 3 out of hundreds isn’t that bad, right? Each of these was in the hundreds of pages and I’m the kind of girl who must have a physical book in front of me. An e-book just doesn’t cut it! So, I searched for printing options local and online. All were either too expensive or affordable but took weeks to ship. So, BAM! Freedom Family Printing became an idea and now by the grace of God it’s a reality. We are an affordable homeschool printing company that won’t take weeks to print your order! Click here to order now.

Okay, you get the “Printing” part of our name but why “Freedom Family”? Well, we value freedom and family! God beautifully designed the family structure to cultivate healthy relationships with each other. The ultimate goal of a Godly family is to be in a relationship with God. We also love this nation and the Christian principles it was founded on. Witnessing the rise in global vaccine mandates and our freedoms being stripped away, we were motivated to start this business. We don’t know God’s plans, but we felt led to provide for our family in a new way.

Homeschool documents are not all we do! If you have a PDF you would like to print on 8.5″ x 11″ standard letter size paper, we can print it! Spiral binding is available for projects up to 430 sheets.

Thank you for supporting us! We look forward to being a part of your homeschooling journey and being a testimony for Christ in how we serve each and every one of you!